A visit to Yad Vashem museum – the Holocaust memorial museum for Jews in Europe is located in Mount Herzl. Mount Herzl is the resting mount of the important nation, and in the top is the founder of the Zionist movement and the foreseer of the Jewish country Theodor Herzl. On mount Herzl every Israeli prime presidents is allowed to be buried according to law, prime ministers, chairman of the Knesset and chairman of the Jewish agency. We will visit Herzl grave and graves of important people. In mount Herzl you can also find the military cemetery for fallen Israeli soldiers that is the most important in the country and thus takes place on the mountain three of the main important ceremonies of the entire year: Holocaust remembrance day ceremony, memorial day ceremony and independence day ceremony symbolizes more than anything the transition from the Holocaust to the revival and establishment of Israel.

A visit to the Israel museum in Holy land model which is a huge model of the city of Jerusalem in her peak in the year 66 AD – the second temple period and the peak of size and strength of Jerusalem. Continue the visit to the Shrine of the book which tells the story of the cult togetherness before more than 2000 years in the Judean desert in Qumran. How to live in the isolated cult and the main occupation of wiring the famous scrolls of the Dead Sea which contains the oldest Bible that is ever found in ancient Hebrew writings. In the place there are other ancient historical writings.

We will exist from Zion gate back to the car and we will go to a car tour in the new city and we will pass through the main neighborhoods of the modern Jerusalem width, downtown. We will tour in the government complex, we will see the outside of the Israeli Knesset, the famous Knesset lamp, prime minister’s office, the supreme court and we will observe on the Israel museum and hall of the beautiful white book containing the famous hidden Dead Sea scrolls.

Jerusalem old city
Chanuka Jerusalem

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