Wonderful view on the old city and the new city from either Mount Scopus or Mount Olives, will hear the story of the city and the history of the holy land in the version of religions. We will visit Mount Zion and reach the tomb of King David that is believed to be buried below the last supper room, and during history the place even served as a mosque. One building – currently an active synagogue in the tomb of David, a church and a mosque! No more such things! Advance to the last supper room of Jesus on Passover eve and the similarities with the famous image of Leonardo da Vinci reunites here. The book Da Vinci code and the film contributes to the special atmosphere of the place.

We will see the statue of King David that is gold painted and is in the center of Mount Zion with the famous villain and the almighty king that turned Jerusalem to what it is today. Enter the old city through the Zion gate and beyond the Armani quarter. Entrance to the Jewish quarter, the Cardo (main street of the city during the Roman Byzantine period), the broad wall from the days of Hezekiah age 2700 years is “the Great Wall” of Jerusalem lovely synagogue – Hurva, with a name so contrary to its beauty, the center of the Jewish Quarter in the main square, down towards the Western Wall and on the way we meet the golden light of the third temple, ready to be lit as the temple was rebuilt. (Part of a special project of the temple institute).

The Western Wall, the Wailing wall is an integral part of the west wall that surrounded the temple itself, and is now the holiest place in the Jewish world for being closest to the foundation stone, which according to Jewish belief, the world was created by God where Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son Isaac in the famous faith experiment. The rock is located today exactly under the dome of the rock building, to commemorate the rock in the Muslim world – symbol of Jerusalem today.

The visit to the Western Wall excites everyone and includes registration notes with various requests from God, bar mitzvah ceremonies and prayers exalted 24 hours to the impressive stones. Tour of the Western Wall tunnels – ordered and guided tour following the Western Wall tunnels and walk along the Western Wall to the exit near the Lion’s Gate. Exciting tour includes a visit to the largest rock in Israel and the third biggest in the world and the closest point to the sanctuary.

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