Program for Jewish tourists

Special tour focusing on Jewish places according to the offer in the Jewish tradition course trip. The trip will include welcoming Shabbat and a visit to a Jewish synagogue, following the trip to the roots and glorious Jewish history, Jewish heritage, the IDF, and an emphasis on the relationship of the patriot-state of Israel.

We can integrate the experiential mini – Israel site as well as special activities for children along the bar mitzvah journey that will be integrated into the general trip on the family will such as: jeep trip ATV, ABSAILING, sea picnic, workshops to create chocolate, family cooking workshops, picking fruit directly from the field (seasonal), cycling, Holon children’s museum, thank museum in Latrun, the air force museum in Beer Sheba, other museums related to the modern Israel – Palmach, Ayalon Institute, Yitzhak Rabin heritage museum, Menachem Begin heritage museum, Atlit detainee camp and more, naval museum in Haifa.

Offer to a 10-day course in Israel, you can expand or shrink it as needed

Day 1


Wonderful view on the old city and the new city from either Mount Scopus or Mount Olives, will hear the story of the city and the history of the holy land in the version of religions. 

Day 2


Tour in the David city – archaeological site that never stops changing. Outside the old city walls, hiding beneath a residential neighborhood that is active and modern, the wonderful city of David.

Day 3

Another day in Jerusalem

A visit to Yad Vashem museum – the Holocaust memorial museum for Jews in Europe is located in Mount Herzl. Mount Herzl is the resting mount of the important nation,

Day 4

Tour of the Dead Sea and Masada

We will go up the cable car to Masada which is derived from the word castle near the Dead Sea in the southern part. Special mountain at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level 

Day 5

Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

We will go to plant trees in JNF forest near Jerusalem. We will continue to a fun visit in one of the boutique wineries on the way to Gubrin house and see Zionism of today.  

Day 6

Day in Tel-Aviv, Jaffa and the surroundings

Tour of the old Jaffa – Jaffa is 5000 years old and is the old city that was under the rule of the Egyptians and the Canaanites, and many other nations. Jaffa was the main port of Jerusalem 

Day 7

Caesarea – Haifa – Akko

Driving on the coastal road between Tel Aviv and Haifa. A visit to Caesarea is a famous port city built by king Herod for himself and to honor the roman emperor Augustus in the first century BC 

Day 8

Upper Galilee

Galilee region is very green and wooded among all parts of Israel and certainly one of the most beautiful among them which we will tour today. Drive towards the northwest point in Israel 

Day 9


Ascending to the Golan heights from the Hula valley and check in to a wonderful observation across the Jordan river, Galilee finger and Galilee mountains. The Golan heights is covered with a layer of. 

Day 10

Negev and southern Israel

Drive from the center towards the Negev. A dramatic change in the landscape, vegetation and density of course. We will bypass Beer Sheva and go through road 40 until we reach one of the few farms

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