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Israeltours4u has perfectly planned the whole trip according to the wishes and desires of the traveler.

Here you have to choose between two choices: Israel tourism Plan for Jewish Tourist -or Israel tourism plan for Christian tourists.


Program for Jewish Tourist

Special tour focusing on Jewish places according to the offer in the Jewish tradition course trip. The trip will include welcoming Shabbat and a visit to a Jewish synagogue, following the trip to the roots and glorious Jewish history, Jewish heritage, the IDF, and an emphasis on the relationship of the patriot-state of Israel. Offer to a 10-day course in Israel

Jerusalem church
Jerusalem church

Program for Christian Tourist

This trip is aimed towards the Christian audience with the Christian holy land sites and the new testament in the holy land. The trip will focus on Christian holy sites following the life of Jesus according to the new testament.

9 Days trip offer:

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If you have not visited Israel yet, then let us do it. Visiting Israel will be a very new experience for you. There is so much to see and explore,  So many attractive places are there for tourist Israel. There are various spots which keep the tourist seat on edge with lots of constant excitement for young or older visitors. There are many spots in Israel places to visit such as Jerusalem of Gold, of Bronze and light is a place of world’s most beautiful city with different types of travel deal Israel.  The unique attractions in Israel are its diversified beauty and never ending historical information, religious faith, its food, technological advancement, high-class military industry, ornament production and most importantly its tourism plan. Tourist Israel with us to have a best holiday travel for you.