Tel Aviv beaches are world renowned for their rolling waves, electric energy and blazing sun. We have listed our top rated beaches in Tel Aviv for a perfect outing.

For six months of the year, Tel Aviv beaches are in full swing. Between April and October you will find sun and sea bathers sprinkled across the coast of the Meditteranean Sea, on the white sand beaches in Tel Aviv.

Frischmann Beach

This beautiful expanse of white sand and gentle waves is very family friendly. With more relaxing and quiet vibes then the other beaches listed, Frischmann Beach still has great amenities like beach loungers for rent, access to bathrooms, and in close proximity of restaurants to grab a bite to eat. The clear and shallow waters of this beach, central location, and relaxing atmosphere makes it our number one reccomendation.

Jerusalem Beach

Attracting a younger crowd, Jerusalem Beach is the playground to young locals. With friends and strangers grouping up to play a lively game of soccer ball juggling or an Israeli version of beach tennis, Jerusalem Beach is a wonderful place to make friends and meet new people. Facilities are a little bit of a walk, but its central location and wonderful atmosphere makes Jerusalem Beach a must see.

Mezizim Beach

One of Tel Aviv's most famous and popular beaches, Mezizim Beach is highly accessible, with convenient parking, bathroom and shower rooms and a strip of eateries in close proximity. Very child and family friendly because of the shallow waters, Mezizim can get a little busy during beach season with happy children and big families.

Gordon Beach

Lined with many restuarants, bars and dance clubs, Gordon Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv. Featuring an expansive outdoor gym, this beach is adjacent to the Gordon saltwater swimming pool. Visiting Gordon Beach is a full day outing with lots to do, see and experience.

Hilton Beach

Rightfully well known, Hilton Beach's fame is well deserved. Centrally located directly in front of The Hilton Hotel, this beach has a range of amenities from beach paraphenelia rentals, to water-sports. Dog friendly and people friendly this popular beach is a favorite amongst locals.​