Wine + Diamond Tour

Experience, Taste, Enjoy


The tour includes

  1. Pick up + Drop off
  2. Travel through wine regions
  3. Israeli Wineries
  4. Taste Israeli Wine
  5. Enter Israel Diamond Exchange
  6. Diamond Tour
  7. Includes lunch

Our exclusive winery tours are one of our most popular day tours in Israel. The tour is based on our extensive knowledge of Israeli wines coupled with our long term relationships with the winemakers and owners of Israel’s fine boutique wineries across the country. During your wine tour in Israel you will travel Israel’s fine wine regions and explore it’s scenic beauty. From the mountains to its rolling hills and the coastal plain, Israel’s wine regions are filled with history that tell a story of an ancient Biblical land reborn into a modern country with a vibrant modern wine scene. Click below to book your private day tour in Israel:

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