We have compiled a list of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv based on our tourists personal favorites. Knowing where and what to eat when visiting a new country is so important. When celebrating something important, date night or even just for some supper, the vibes and the quality of a restaurant is so very important. Read more below!


The first of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv that we recommend is OCD. Rather than just dinner, this is an entire sensory experience. OCD requires advanced booking because it is a set menu and the restaurant only holds 19 people per dinner serving. Menus cannot be altered on the spot and therefore they require you to state your dietary restrictions whilst making reservations. They are wonderful at accommodating food restrictions with advanced notice, and we recommend OCD to those with allergies or specific dietary requirements. We recommend booking at least two months in advance, if not earlier.


Taizu has a menu that is inspired by the street foods of five countries in South East Asia – India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This restaurant, apart from their divine food, is known for their wonderful atmosphere and aesthetic vibe. Taking fine dining and make it comfortable, is what Taizu excels at. They have an extensive range of a seafood dishes, and they are known for their flavor and texture combinations.

HIBA Restuarant

HIBA is a 40 seat fine dining restaurant that offers a taster menu with12 courses of Arab - Israeli cuisine, that are highly visually and palate pleasing. One thing we hear often of HIBA is how pleasant and welcoming all of HIBA's staff are. The aesthetics of HIBA have a modern minimalistic vibe, and the colorful Mediterranean food and welcoming atmosphere makes it a top fine dining experience. ​

Manta Ray

A seafood restaurant that sits on the beachfront in Yafo, Tel Aviv, their Middle Eastern seafood cuisine as well as the large drink menu, makes Manta Ray the perfect spot for those chill vacation days to watch the rolling waves. The views, vibes and food are unmatched. It is usually very busy and we recommend reserving a table.


Next on our list of restaurants in Tel Aviv is Claro. Claro is a farm - to - table restaurant and uses fresh ingredients to produce creative and visually pleasing dishes. The relaxed venue has a lovely atmosphere with good music and the design of the restaurant makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing eateries. Claro features a big open-kitchen in the center of the restaurant with a very well stocked bar that creates signature cocktails.

Thai House

A breath of air from Thailand, Thai House serves delectable Thai Cuisine. Their flavors and balance of spice amidst the wonderful textured food is truly authentic dining. Thai House is usually very popular which results in busy servers and we recommend booking in advance to reserve a table.

Café Puaa

An authentic café that can be found in the center of Tel Aviv, Café Puah is known for their homey atmosphere and delicious fresh foods. The décor is very comforting and the wonderful service makes this café a wonderful place to brunch.

Itzik Hagadol

Itzik Hagadol is a grill and steakhouse found in the center of Tel Aviv. Their huge selection of deliciously cooked meats, sides and drinks makes dinner here a fun and filling experience. Because of their popularity, we recommend reserving a table beforehand, especially if you are a large group.


Greco serves Greek cuisine in the most beautiful oceanside location. Their authentic Greek food is fresh and full of flavors. The Greek décor with the beautiful seaside view makes Greco a wonderful spot.

Culinary Tour

Tel Aviv is the foodies haven and the vegans mecca. Tour the culinary highlights of Tel Aviv in a tour of the best hidden gems the city has to offer.