When looking for a day trip in Tel Aviv, stop by one of Tel Aviv’s Museums. Tel Aviv is a city that flows with urban creativity and uniqueness. Art expression in Tel Aviv is highly valued making the museums in Tel Aviv one of a kind.

Saturday’s in Israel is when there isn’t many outings that are open and available for travelers or tourists, but museums remain open all throughout the week, including on Saturdays, making it a great day to explore the art and science Tel Aviv has on display.


One of the most popular museums in Tel Aviv, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is located in central Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a must see for locals and tourists alike. Featuring fascinating exhibitions from Israeli and foreigners, this large museum is sure to keep you entertained for hours. This museum has a focus on modern and contemporary art displays and exhibitions and is within the top 50th most visited museums in the world.


Located in Ramat Aviv, the Eretz Israel Museum, is also known as the Museum of the Land of Israel. With a large focus on archaeology and history, the museum has a series of exhibition pavilions with each pavilion dedicated to glassware, ceramics, coins, copper and more. One of the three largest museums in Israel, there are hundreds of thousands of artifacts on display and with new temporary exhibitions that change often, that focus on photography, art, crafts and other subjects.


Also called Beit Ha'ir, the Museum of History of Tel Aviv, is an open house for all who yearn to take part in Tel Aviv’s story and spirit. The building (meaning “Town Hall” in Hebrew), is part of the Bialik Complex, a center of Israeli and Hebrew culture. The building was recently renovated to include a center of art exhibits and information delving into the White City’s cultural history. The museum focuses on the transition Jaffa and Tel Aviv had over the years, and illustrates the modernization this city has gone through. The museum also has guided tours, exploring the history of Tel Aviv and the reconstruction of the city.


Found next to Tel Aviv University, this natural history museum serves as an educational and research center. This large museum focuses on biodiversity research, including nature conservation, environmental protection and agriculture. It is the largest center in Israel for active research in natural history with a focus on nature conservation and agriculture. The museum holds around 5.5 million items collected by scientists. This hands on and interactive museum is a great outing, especially for children as it explains science in an understandable and absorbing way.


A modern art museum with a focus on Israeli artists, the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art recently renovated and reopened in '22 and is known for dedicating the museum to bimonthly exhibitions that take over the whole museum making a visit here a truly immersive experience. The eclectic style of art that is displayed in this museum, is unlike other museums and is intended to be a unique experience. Located just 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv, and near the Israel Diamond Exchange, the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art is sure to be a great day trip for the entire family. Additionally, the museum has a recently renovated rooftop to sit outside and have a beverage with views over the entire Ramat Gan neighborhood as well as views that reach to Tel Aviv. We recommend visiting the museum in the afternoon, so after exploring the museum, visitors can go up to the rooftop to witness a beautiful and romantic sunset.


Located in the port city of Tel Aviv; Jaffa, the Ilana Goor Museum was founded in 1995 by artist, designer and sculptor, Ilana Goor. It has become a staple in places to visit in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, with its display of unique pieces and sculptures. Originally the building was constructed in 1742 as an inn for pilgrims making their way to the Holy Land, and it has now been transformed to beautifully contrast the new and old with art and displays in the museum. With more than 500 pieces of art, both done by Ilana Goor and other Israeli artists, visitors can see pieces that have been collected over 50 years from all around the world by Ilana Goor herself.