Helicopter + Diamond Tour

Fly Sky High


The tour includes

  1. Pick up + Drop off
  2. hr. Helicopter Tour
  3. Fly over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  4. Israel Diamond Exchange
  5. Diamond Tour
  6. Includes lunch

For those who want a luxurious and romantic day tour in Israel, the Helicopter and Diamond Tour exceeds all expectations. Our helicopter tour starts with a pick up from your hotel to the landing pad in Herzliya. Enter the skies of Israel and explore Israeli landmarks from a viewpoint like no other. The 2 hour flight covers the skies in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and everything in between with your tour guide explaining all the views and locations of your flight path. The helicopter lands in Herzliya, where a car will escort you to the diamond universe. The Israel Diamond Exchange contains sparkling secrets waiting to be uncovered. This luxurious complex and district is filled with precious stones, has history, culture and work ethics that will be hard to find elsewhere. Your tour guide will take you to a diamond cutting factory where you will meet world renowned diamond cutters, who will teach you the delicacies of cutting and polishing diamonds. Making your way to the Trading Floor, you will see international diamond deals worth millions being executed in a seemingly inconsequential manner, followed by an in-depth, hands on lesson explaining how to evaluate diamonds, and see the value without being reliant on jewelers. With a refreshment break and a meeting with a diamond dealer who will answer all your questions, a car will then take you back to your hotel. Click below to book your day tour in Israel:

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