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for up to 6 people!

The tour includes

  1. Pick up + Drop off
  2. Art Tour
  3. Explore Culture in Tel Aviv
  4. Israel Diamond Exchange
  5. Diamond Tour
  6. Includes lunch

The Tel Aviv day tour is a unique combination of activities for a day filled with art, history, and culture. Get a personal introduction to Israel’s ‘White City’ on a private, half-day walking tour of Tel Aviv that explores history, heritage, and local color. Create the perfect itinerary for your interests on an educational and exciting day tour, strolling past the elegant homes along Rothschild Boulevard and visiting historic Ahuzat Bayit. Take in ‘Independence Hall,’ a vibrant fresh food bazaar and Old Jaffa, whose ancient port and narrow streets have seen 4,000 years of history. Click below to book your day tour in Israel:

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