King Philip’s crown

The Imperial State Crown is the crown that the monarch wears as they leave Westminster Abbey after the coronation. It is also used on other State occasions including the annual State Opening of Parliament.

The crown is made of gold and set with:
2,868 diamonds
17 sapphires
11 emeralds,
269 pearls
and 4 rubies!
The crown contains some of the most famous jewels in the collection. These include the Black Prince’s Ruby, the Stuart Sapphire, and the Cullinan II diamond
UK’s Royal Crown Gems:
The big royal crown of the UK, also known as the Imperial State Crown, is set with a number of gemstones, including:
The Black Prince’s Ruby – which is actually a large spinel and is set on the front of the crown.
The Cullinan II diamond – a 317.4-carat diamond that is set at the front of the crown, just below the Black Prince’s Ruby.
The Stuart Sapphire – a large blue sapphire that is set on the back of the crown.
The St. Edward’s Sapphire – another large blue sapphire that is set on the top of the crown.
The Queen Elizabeth II’s Pearl – a large pearl that is set at the base of the crown.
Numerous other diamonds, including the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is set in the front cross pattée of the crown.
All of these gemstones are significant and have rich histories, with some of them being part of the crown jewels for centuries.
King Philip's crown

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