This bustling city has so many spots to treat yourself for shopping in Tel Aviv. From malls, outdoor markets, and shopping complexes. Here we list our favorite spots to browse, explore and shop!

Dizengoff Center

This very large shopping mall can take days to explore all it has to offer. There are over 420 shops across the five floors, two cinemas, rooftop swimming pool and two gyms. Dizengoff Center is an icon of Tel Aviv, it is profoundly large and is easy to lose your way, but whatever you might need, you can find it here.

Ramat Aviv Mall

This smaller mall is best for luxury shopping in Tel Aviv, with shops of international brand names that can not be found anywhere else in Israel. With lovely restuarants scattered throughout this elegant mall, this is a great place to treat yourself.

Sarona Market

Sarona Market is Israel’s largest indoor culinary market and operates seven days a week. Sarona Market is an innovative, contemporary urban market that combines the old world with the new. A gourmet product market that has delectable imports of flavors from around the world as well Israeli fresh produce, meat, fish, deserts and alcohol The range of flavors that can be found here, in this styllish market makes Sarona Market a must when shopping in Tel Aviv.

Azrieli Mall

One of the largest malls in Israel, Azrieli Mall has three floors of shops, eight cinema screens and around thirty restaurants. The shopping area is vast and part of a larger complex. A must see is the indoor viewing platform on 49th floor of the building where you can see endless views of the entire city.

Shuk HaCarmel

The top place for shopping in Tel Aviv, and the biggest and busiest marketplace. Shuk Hacarmel is packed with vendors and full stalls, selling everything from produce, to clothing. The Carmel Market is the largest market in Tel Aviv. This bustling place is a great place to spend the day exploring, or just pop in for a quick coffee or beer.

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