Zimmers; The Israeli Staycation


Israel has come up with the perfect alternative to the commercialism of big chain hotels with zimmers. When visiting Israel, staying in a zimmer is a must! Here is everything you need to know about Israeli bed and breakfasts.

What are Zimmers?

In its basic translation, a zimmer, zimmerim, zimmers, in the context of Israel, is defined as a Bed & Breakfast. They are usually a short term, separate rental unit, that is privately run by the family close by. This means that accommodations are more homely, warm and welcoming than hotels. You will find that zimmers are extremely accommodating and helpful. This can be with personal recommendations, sleeping arrangement, or anything else a guest may need.

Known for their hospitality, zimmers can usually be found in more rural areas of Israel, like the Golan Heights. This makes them off the beaten path but with unbeatable views. They can range in size, from a two person hosting capacity, to over 30 people. Most zimmers will either have an outdoor jacuzzi, or pool adding to that perfect romantic vacation in nature.


How to Book a Zimmer Vacation?

You won’t find many commercial advertisements for zimmers as they are usually kept pretty booked by Israeli’s themselves, but a great way to find the perfect cabin is by checking zimmer.co.il website. You can find reviews of previous guests, pictures, learn about the host and so much more, to guarantee there are no surprises when you settle in your zimmer. The cozy vibes, with great views generally makes a zimmer vacation highly romantic, and very instagrammable. It is a great way to delve into Israeli culture, with minimal tourism and it provides opportunities to mingle with locals.

Is a Zimmer Cheaper then a Hotel?

Contrary to general belief, staying in a zimmer doesn’t ensure the cost will be more economical than a hotel. Like hotels, you can find luxury zimmers that exceed the cost of Israel’s most popular hotels. But you can also find something more modest that can fit a tighter budget. It is all about what you are looking for, as well as location and dates.

When visiting Israel, in addition to a hotel stay, we recommend seeing how Israelis vacation. Explore Israel’s natural landscape by staying in a zimmer for a few days to appreciate the natural beauty of Israel’s terrain and views. Whether you are visiting with just a partner, or with a large family, you can find a to cater to exactly what you need.

A great way to explore the Golan Heights and all its beauty is with a winery tour. This will show you the beauty of Israel’s landscape and lush wine region. To learn more or to book your tour of the Golan Height’s wineries, click here!

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