Tel Aviv + Jaffa Tour

City, History, Life


The tour includes

  1. Pick up + Drop off
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Jaffa
  4. Israel Diamond Exchange
  5. Browse + Explore
  6. Includes lunch

Experience the best of Tel Aviv and Jaffa on this full-day private tour that combines history, culture, art, and diamonds. Explore the Old Jaffa Port, the beautiful alleyways of the Old Jaffa and Flea Market, and the iconic views along the Mediterranean Coast. Learn about the rich history of Jaffa and how it has evolved into a vibrant neighborhood with a diverse cultural and ethnic tapestry. Visit the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Old Jaffa, and marvel at its unique and eclectic architecture. Discover how Tel Aviv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded just 115 years ago and see examples of its Bauhaus and eclectic architecture. Taste your way through the Shuk Hacarmel (Carmel Market), an exciting culinary adventure for the senses. The tour then continues on to the world’s largest Diamond Exchange located in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv. Enter one of the last standing diamond cutting factories in Israel and discover the intricacies of diamond cutting and polishing. The tour then continues into the Israel Diamond Exchange where you will get to explore the international diamond trading hall and have a greater insight about the history and economy of the diamond industry. This private tour is an immersive and authentic way to see many parts of the city by foot and learn about its history, architecture, food, and street art. Click below to book your day tour in Israel.

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