Israel Diamond Exchange Tour

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Per Couple!

The tour includes

  1. Pick up + Drop off
  2. Diamond Factory
  3. Israel Diamond Exchange
  4. Tech Area
  5. Trading Hall
  6. Refreshments
  7. Browse + Explore
  8. Souvenir

The most exclusive and fascinating day tour in Israel is the Israel Diamond Exchange Tour. The tour first guides you through to one of Israel’s last standing diamond cutting factories. We see diamond cutters who have been cutting and polishing diamonds for over 50 years, busy creating their beloved work. The tour then enters the Israel Diamond Exchange. We teach you all the particulars of the IDE, on the trading floor. There is a comprehensive lesson about all things diamond and gemstones. The lesson covers every aspect of learning the value of diamonds and how to be safe in fine jewelry purchases. The last stop of the tour is a meeting with a master diamantaire, Mr. Hanan Savranksy. Hanan is a third-generation gemologist, and an exclusive member of the exchange, whose creations are not only ingeniously designed but are of the highest quality and style. Click below to book your day tour in Israel:

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