The Western Wall

It is known by many names, The Kotel, Wailing Wall, and the Western Wall. It holds a huge place in the heart of the Jewish people. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, it is visited by locals and tourists alike, the Western Wall is a must see on everyone’s bucket list. History of the […]

Why Visit Israel; The Best Time to Go

When should you plan your trip and why visit Israel? There are many opinions about this, and it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the winter because they like to ski, while others want to spend their time at some of Israel’s beaches, so they go during the summer months. However, no […]

Zimmers; The Israeli Staycation

Israel has come up with the perfect alternative to the commercialism of big chain hotels with zimmers. When visiting Israel, staying in a zimmer is a must! Here is everything you need to know about Israeli bed and breakfasts. What are Zimmers? In its basic translation, a zimmer, zimmerim, zimmers, in the context of Israel, […]

Saturday in Israel: Everything You Need to Know about the Shabbat

Saturday in Israel can be a very quiet day because it is considered a religious day of rest. In this article we will explain all there is know about experiencing a Shabbat in Israel and what are the best things to do on this day to make the most out of it. Because of the […]

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv; Exploring Israel

It is very easy to explore Israel via day trips from Tel Aviv because Tel Aviv has easy access to the entire country of Israel. Tel Aviv is known as the “Merkaz” meaning “Center’, as it is literally in the center of Israel. The coastal city of Tel Aviv is a great place for travelers […]

Jewish Holiday Today; The Jewish Calendar

When visiting Israel, it is important to note which Jewish holidays might coincide with your trip as many attractions and transportation might close in observance. Knowing the Jewish holiday and Jewish calendar is a great insight into the culture of Jewish people all around the world. The calendar that is most used around the world, […]

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