Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv; Exploring Israel

It is very easy to explore Israel via day trips from Tel Aviv because Tel Aviv has easy access to the entire country of Israel. Tel Aviv is known as the “Merkaz” meaning “Center’, as it is literally in the center of Israel. The coastal city of Tel Aviv is a great place for travelers to base themselves, as there is a great range of luxury hotels, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is very easy to explore Israel’s sites and attractions via day trips from Tel Aviv and here is the travelers guide to exploring the best parts of Israel from Tel Aviv.

Day 1: Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem

The holy city of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and is flocked with thousands of tourists each year who explore the religious sites, as well as the culture and modern attractions Jerusalem has. Israel day trips from Tel Aviv, will always include Jerusalem, and travelers will find that a single day in Jerusalem will not be enough time to see all the major sites and attractions Jerusalem has to offer. The Old City of Jerusalem is where travelers can tour the main sites for the three largest religious, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Touring all the sites of Jerusalem’s Old City, can take approximately six hours, leaving little time to explore the rest of Jerusalem. Learn how to tour the Old City of Jerusalem from Tel Aviv here.


Mahane Yehuda Market

Apart from the Old City, Jerusalem holds many other attractions. Day trips from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, must include one of Israel’s most popular outdoor markets, Mahane Yehuda Market. This is located in the center of Jerusalem. This market is where visitors can grab a bite to eat or have something to drink. You can find everything from memorabilia, art and clothing as well as produce and food in the market. The Mahane Yehuda Market also turns into quite the lively night scene after the sun sets. To discover more of Israel’s outdoor markets, click here to read more.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv
Mahane Yehuda Market

Yad VaShem

Another must-see in Jerusalem is the Holocaust Memorial; Yad VaShem. One of Israel’s top museums, Yad Vashem is a memorial dedicated in remembering the atrocities committed in the Holocaust. A running theme of the memorial is acknowledging and showing appreciation to the work of non-Jewish people who saved Jewish people at great risk and no reward to themselves; in that tumultuous time in history and a visit to Yad V’aShem will be highly enlightening, inspiring and educational.

Yad VaShem

Wohl Rose Garden

The Wohl Rose Garden is a beautiful place for travelers to find themselves in the Spring season in Jerusalem. The Rose Garden is filled with hundreds of thousands of fragrant flowers and roses. It’s overlooking the Knesset, and is a great place for a picnic. Visitors to the Rose Garden are guaranteed to see romantic dates, marriage proposals and brides and grooms coming to take some photographs here on their special day.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv
Wohl Rose Garden

The First Station

The First Station is a very popular tourist attraction that exceeds expectations. What used to be the first station of Jerusalem, it has now been transformed into a contemporary and urban spot . With restaurants, occasional outdoor concerts, and a boutique outdoor market where handmade art pieces, jewelry and beautiful memorabilia are for sale. The First Station is known as the “first date spot” in Jerusalem, as it is a great place to sit down over delicious food. Its also a great place to have a nice stroll around the First Station exploring all the little boutique shops and outdoor stalls.

Day 2: Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv to the Judean Desert


Only a two hour drive from Tel Aviv, and a one hour drive from Jerusalem is Masada. This is an ancient fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. It is located in the Judean Desert and is one of the most visited sites in Israel. Containing history from thousands of years ago, the hike up Masada, is one that many people will do in their time in Israel. Apart from the immense history Masada has, it is also the perfect place to capture the most beautiful sunrise over Jordan and the Dead Sea. Climbing Masada prior to sunrise is the best time to do the hike. This is because the climb can be very hot during daytime, as well as to be able to witness the sunrise when getting to the top.


Ein Gedi

Close to Masada in the Judean Desert is Ein Gedi. A nature reserve and archaeological site based in the southern regions of Israel and remains a well visited attraction. Ein Gedi is an oasis that has natural springs and waterfalls that is surrounded by ancient vegetation. It is a great place to have a hike, and to cool off in the natural pools of water.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv
Ein Gedi

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv to The Dead Sea

Very near Masada and Ein Gedi is the famed Dead Sea. Israel day trips from Tel Aviv must include a trip to the Dead Sea. With known properties to heal and soothe skin conditions, the Dead Sea has many spas surrounding the nature reserve where travelers go to absorb the minerals, heal and take a meditative break. A visit to the Dead Sea can be a full day trip in of itself but to get the full Dead Sea experience, two hours should be enough.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea

Day 3: The North

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv to Haifa

Haifa is a port city that has great beaches, museums and historical attractions. Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, coming in just after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Set upon Mt. Carmel, Haifa has spectacular views from all angles. The most notable attraction in Haifa is the Baha’i Gardens, a place of pilgrimage to those of the Baha’i faith. The gardens are beautifully cultured, kept and maintained. This makes a visit to the terraced slopes of the Baha’i Gardens a highly aesthetic and relaxing trip. Haifa has their own cable cars that are used as transport to get up and down the slopes of this beautiful city. They are worth a ride just to capture views of the landscape and ocean. At the summit of the cable cars there is the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery and Elijah’s cave which are both notable Christian sites.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv

Ako/ Acre

North of Haifa is the famed city of Ako/ Acre. Like Haifa, Ako/ Acre is a port city, and is one of the oldest ports in the world. This city holds a tremendous amount of History, from the times of the Romans all the way till the British. Now a melting pot of Muslims, Christians and Jews, Ako remains a significant city in Israel. This makes it a must see on Israel day trips from Tel Aviv. Explore the Templars Tunnels, walk along the ramparts and fortifications surrounding the ancient and beautiful city. There are many Christian sites to visit and explore like St John’s Church. For lunch, taste the fresh Arab seafood available in the Old City of Ako.

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv

Israel Day Trips From Tel Aviv; Nazareth

Also in the north part of Israel, is the gem that is Nazareth. This city, largely populated by Arabs, holds immense amounts of Christian historical sites. The Old City of Nazareth has a very large outdoor Shuk. This is the perfect way to delve into authentic Arab culture, cuisine and hospitality. The Old City contains many notable Christian sites and locations. It is a great for a day of exploration surrounded by delicious smells and a lively atmosphere.

The most notable site in Nazareth is the Church of Annunciation. This is fabled to be the home of the Virgin Mary, and where she was told by the angel she would bear Jesus, and is now a Catholic Church. A highly interesting and interactive place to visit is Nazareth Village,. It is an open-air museum that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the Galilee in the time of Jesus and is an eye-opener to the history of that time. Other notable places to see in Nazareth is St. Joseph’s Church, The Jesus Trail, and Mary’s Well.

Nazareth Village

Israel day trips from Tel Aviv can take over a day each. If you want to take your time and explore everything these areas hold, but can be done in a day. If you don’t want to travel for so long, take a day trip to explore all the hidden gems in Tel Aviv. Happy traveling!

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