The Top Must-See Attractions in Israel: The Ultimate Guide

When planning an Israel vacation, there are many must-see attractions in Israel that should not be missed. From ancient religious sites to modern cities, the country is full of cultural and historical treasures that are sure to delight travelers of all interests. Read more below to discover some of the top attractions and landmarks in Israel!

The Top of the Must-See Attractions in Israel: The Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is the top of all the must-see attractions in Israel. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, the wall is the remaining structure of the Second Temple. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. The Western Wall is a place of prayer and devotion for Jews. It is believed to be the closest point to the Holy of Holies, the innermost sanctuary of the ancient Temple. Visitors of all religions are welcome to visit the Western Wall. It is a popular place for tourists to leave written prayers or wishes between the cracks of the wall. Click here to book your private tour of Jerusalem and experience all that this iconic city has to offer.

Must-See Attractions in Israel The Western Wall

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is another important religious site in Jerusalem that should not be missed on an Israel vacation. It is the location where Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. The church is a complex of buildings that includes the site of the Golgotha, the rock where Jesus was crucified, as well as the tomb where he was buried. The church is considered one of the holiest sites in Christendom and is a popular destination for Christian pilgrims. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jerusalem is a city with a rich and fascinating history that is sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Read more on Christian holy sites in Israel, by clicking here.

Must-See Attractions in Israel

The Baha’i Gardens

The Baha’i Gardens, located in Haifa, are another popular tourist destination in Israel. These stunning terraced gardens are home to the Shrine of the Bab, the holiest site in the Baha’i faith. The gardens are a beautiful and peaceful place. There is a series of cascading pools, waterfalls, and flowerbeds that stretch down the slopes of Mount Carmel. Visitors can take a guided tour of the gardens, which offer breathtaking views of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea. Click here to read more about Haifa and discover all that this vibrant city has to offer!

Tel Aviv

Israel is also home to several modern cities that are worth exploring on an Israel vacation. Tel Aviv is known as the “city that never sleeps”. It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a thriving arts and culture scene. It is home to many world-class museums, galleries, and theaters, as well as beautiful beaches and a lively nightlife. Ready to explore Tel Aviv and discover all that this vibrant city has to offer? Click here to book your private day tour of Tel Aviv and start planning your dream vacation today!

Innovative Must-See Attractions in Israel; The Israel Diamond Exchange

The Israel Diamond Exchange is a great place to visit for anyone interested in the diamond industry or the history of diamonds in Israel. Located in the city of Ramat Gan, just outside of Tel Aviv, the Diamond Exchange is the center of the Israeli diamond trade. It is home to the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association. The Diamond Exchange is a hub for the buying and selling of diamonds, as well as for the cutting and polishing of diamonds. It is a bustling and vibrant place, with hundreds of diamond merchants, wholesalers, and manufacturers conducting business on a daily basis. Visitors can tour the exchange and see firsthand the inner workings of the diamond industry. This includes the journey from the rough diamonds being sorted and graded to the finished, polished diamonds being prepared for sale. Learn more of the Israel Diamond Exchange by clicking here.

Must-See Attractions in Israel The Israel Diamond Exchange

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is one of the must-see attractions in Israel for nature and animal lovers. With its focus on species mentioned in the Bible, the zoo offers a unique opportunity to see exotic and rare animals in a naturalistic setting. This includes the African savanna exhibit,. Here visitors can see zebras, giraffes, and ostriches, and the primates exhibit, which features a variety of monkeys and apes. The zoo also has a large bird exhibit with a variety of birds of prey. Additionally, the zoo has a petting zoo where children can interact with animals such as goats and sheep. The predator exhibit is where visitors can see lions, leopards, and other big cats up close. Overall, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Read more on exploring Jerusalem by clicking here.

The Caesarea National Park

The Caesarea National Park is one of the must-see attractions in Israel, offering a unique blend of history and nature. The park is located on the site of the ancient city of Caesarea. It was built by King Herod in the 1st century BCE. Visitors can explore the well-preserved ruins of the city, including the impressive theater, the ancient harbor, and the bathhouses. The Roman aqueduct, which was used to bring water to the city from a distance of several kilometers is fascinating to explore. The park also features a beautiful beach, where visitors can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Another of the must-see attractions in Israel is the Caesarea Nature Reserve. This offers a variety of hiking trails and scenic overlooks, providing visitors with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline. Overall, the Caesarea National Park is a must-see destination for anyone interested in history and nature.


Nazareth is a city with rich cultural and religious history. It is one of the most popular must-see attractions in Israel for tourists. One of the sites in Nazareth is the Basilica of the Annunciation. Here marks the spot where the Angel Gabriel is said to have appeared to Mary, announcing that she would give birth to Jesus. Another of the Christian must-see attractions in Israel  is Mary’s Well, which is believed to be the spot where Mary drew water for her household.

Visitors can also explore the Nazareth Village, a reconstructed village that provides a glimpse into what life was like in Nazareth during the time of Jesus. Another site is the St. Joseph’s Church, which is built on the site where Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are believed to have lived. Finally, visitors should also check out the many local markets in Nazareth, where they can purchase traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Overall, Nazareth is a must-see destination for anyone interested in religious and cultural history.

Outdoors Must-See Attractions in Israel; Eilat – Dolphin Reef

Eilat’s Dolphin Reef is one of the must-see attractions in Israel for tourists visiting the Red Sea region. The Dolphin Reef is a unique and interactive marine park, where visitors can observe and swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. The underwater observatory at the reef  provides a breathtaking view of the dolphins and their underwater environment. Additionally, the snorkeling area is where visitors can see a variety of colorful fish and coral formations. Visitors can also participate in various dolphin encounters, such as swimming with the dolphins or even diving with them. The park also features a variety of educational exhibits and programs, which offer a unique opportunity to learn about dolphins and their behavior. Overall, the Eilat – Dolphin Reef is a must-see destination for anyone interested in marine life and marine conservation.

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi is a lush and verdant oasis in the desert, making it one of nature lovers’ must-see attractions in Israel. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is home to a variety of wildlife and vegetation, including ibex, hyrax, and over 900 species of plants. Visitors can explore the nature reserve through a variety of hiking trails, including the popular Ein Gedi Falls trail, which leads to a breathtaking waterfall. Another attraction at Ein Gedi is the ancient synagogue, which dates back to the Roman period and is one of the oldest synagogues in the world.

Visitors can also take a dip in the Ein Gedi hot springs, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. Finally, visitors should also check out the Ein Gedi Botanical Garden, which showcases the variety of plants found in the region, including many species of medicinal plants. Read more on the attractions surrounding Ein Gedi by clicking here.

Israel is a land steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. With its rich heritage and stunning landscapes, the country offers a wide range of experiences for tourists. Whether you’re interested in religious sites, scenic vistas, or adventure activities, Israel has something for everyone. To discover the best tours in the country, click here to access our comprehensive guide.

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